Reality TV Series

TNMG will be creating an original reality TV show featuring the fresh voices and original vibes from Canada's most thriving musical centre - and also capture the daily lives and determination of budding artists to be the next break-out success. Through live performances, studio interviews, and "day-in-the-life" coverage, this series follows 3 artists per episode. In this way, viewers will meet their friends, colleagues, and families to gain a deeper understanding of their words, their music, and what makes them tick -- and stick -- to their passions and dream. But, TNMG is not just a one-stop journey. After meeting each of the performers in their initial episode, the viewer will get another opportunity, within a year of the artists' first appearance, to witness where their efforts have taken them. Whether their road has led risen them upwards or is holding steady, TNMG offers a compassionate and compelling point of view through the eyes of the musicians themselves. Part reality TV, part music video, and part docu-style interview, TNMG will appeal to a wide demographic - and deliver to them all.

The TV Show will promote and support both TNMG and its clients, the stars of the show, in many different ways. Not only will this expose TNMG as the studio behind the show and supporting the artists in the show, it will also further promote the artists by showing them to all of the show's viewers, giving them a taste not of not just their personal lives and the determination that they put into their careers, but also allowing them to experience the result of their hard work - the songs.