Reality TV Series

TNMG will be creating an original reality TV show featuring the fresh voices and original vibes from Canada's most thriving musical centre - and also capture the daily lives and determination of budding artists to be the next break-out success. Through live performances, studio interviews, and "day-in-the-life" coverage, this series follows 3 artists per episode. In this way, viewers will meet their friends, colleagues, and families to gain a deeper understanding of their words, their music, and what makes them tick -- and stick -- to their passions and dream. But, TNMG is not just a one-stop journey. After meeting each of the performers in their initial episode, the viewer will get another opportunity, within a year of the artists' first appearance, to witness where their efforts have taken them. Whether their road has led risen them upwards or is holding steady, TNMG offers a compassionate and compelling point of view through the eyes of the musicians themselves. Part reality TV, part music video, and part docu-style interview, TNMG will appeal to a wide demographic - and deliver to them all.

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