The Next Music Generation Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo.

The Next Music Generation is a start-up talent agency dedicated to helping musicians and artists enter the music industry. They have just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $500,000. 

Toronto, Canada 21st Dec, 2015 

The Next Music Generation is a start-up with the aspiration to change the music industry in a positive way within the next few years. This talent agency boasts of an experienced advisory board and solid connections in the music industry. The company’s primary objective is to assist the aspiring musicians and artists by providing them trustworthy resources to succeed. They will showcase the new artists through TV, concerts, radio, festivals, marketing, internet/social media, and worldwide content for maximum exposure. They also have the plan to start a reality TV show featuring new artists and documenting their rise to fame. 

Service offered by The Next Music Generation will cover a variety of different outlets to help clients network effectively and become a professional in his/her field. The advent of modern technology has brought about certain changes in the music industry and many musicians have struggled to adapt to these changes. The Next Music Generation will help them get acquainted with, and make the most of the digital revolution.

Their service will include 

  • Consultation

  • Providing resources

  • Event setup, management, and sale

  • Recording services

  • Coordinating guest spots

  • Publicity management

  • Connecting artists with events


The Next Music Generation’s CEO Mary Anne McMullen has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $500,000. This amount will cover all start-up expenses including legal expenses, web design and development, advertising, start-up supplies, TV series budget, app development, and other related expenses. A part of the funding will also serve as the start-up assets in reserve. 

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