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Audio Engineers


Audio engineers often have to solve complex technical issues quickly and completely. This takes expert-level technical skills with the equipment in use and complex problem-solving capability. Eye-hand coordination is a key skill, as audio engineers work closely with small wires and complicated equipment 

Music Supervisors

Qualified professional who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, vide

A qualified professional who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms  



 A DJ is someone who plays the music you hear on radio stations, internet radio stations, local bars and dance clubs, and even at wedding receptions. A disc jockey will consider their target audience when selecting the tracks to be played and often has a set list given to them by the company they work for 

Beat Maker/Music Producer



 A music producer in hip-hop etc., responsible for constructing a beat and melody (often composed of samples) 



 Musicians and singers need to work well with a variety of people, such as agents, music producers, conductors, and other musicians .


The Getty Fire

The Next Music Generation Foundation is now accepting donations to support those affected by the fire in West Hollywood. 

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