Your Interview on The Next Music Generation!

The Next Music Generation is Canada’s Number 1 Music  broadcaster since 2015 reaching over fifty thousand people every month. We've interviewed nearly 10,000 people with a mission to tell everyone about your business, organization, cause, or project. 

Besides the live audience, you can purchase an edited HD video of your interview to:

  • live on Youtube and grow your audience every day
  • put on your website so clients can get to know you
  • include automatically with every email you send
  • publish and promote on all your social networks
  • drive traffic and create warm leads every day

Mary Anne McMullen, The Next Music Generation TV on

Let your video live on Youtube and social media, put on your website, generating traffic while you sleep. 

Location Information

The Next Music Generation is located Bay Street, at the northwest corner of Bay and Dundas in the heart of downtown Toronto. We’re less than a five minute walk from either Dundas Subway Station (Yonge line) or St. Patrick (Dundas) Subway Station (University line). Street parking is usually available nearby, or paid parking is available on the northwest corner of Bay and Edward (entrance on Edward) just north of Dundas. NOTE: The elevator operator is on lunch from 12-1pm, so you'll need to walk up the stairs if you come then. In the unlikely event that the building doors are locked, pls call 1-888-508-0504 to enter. If  doing a phone interview, you can find our call-in number on the website. If you’re connecting by Skype, our skypename is:

How to Prepare for the Interview

We’ve done our very best to create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to having interesting discussions on-air. Just be relaxed and look forward to having an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As long as you are familiar with your subject matter (your business, product, service, project, organization, art, music, or invention), then you are ready. 

Our purpose is to find out who you are, what you’re doing, who you’re trying to reach, and what is most unique and important about your work. That’s what our conversation is designed to bring out. If your interview is by phone or Skype, the same applies but you’ll be in the comfort of your own home or office. 

By agreeing to an interview, both you and consent that both parties have the right to use and/or distribute your interview in the future. 

Keep it Working for You!

Maximize the value of this opportunity by getting a recording of your video for your website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In, and other social networks. It will live on indefinitely generating traffic for your website, awareness of your business, and warm leads to follow up. Business Cost: $197 Music Artist Cost $77.00 

  1. Your interview is edited out of the whole show so it stands on its own. 
  2. It’s uploaded to Youtube where it’s available to everyone on the internet. Includes strategic SEO title, description, and keyword tags so people can find you on search engines.
  3. You get the embed code to put your TV interview on any websites you control. 
  4. Automatically send out your video with every email.
  5. Make it available on Facebook, Linked-In, and other social networks.
  6. You also get a digital copy of the file that you can edit further, upload, burn DVDs and maintain control with a “hard copy” in your possession.
  7. With the actual file, you can always do further editing and uploading down the road, turning your interview into many potential videos that can support your business or project in different ways. 

Your free 30 Second radio and TV commercial!

You’ll have the opportunity to read a 30 second commercial or soundbite for your business, group, or 

project. Please fill in the blanks in the template on this page, and bring the completed form to the interview

where you’ll be ready to read your soundbite/commercial on the air. 

Please also email a jpeg (16wide x 9high aspect ratio) with your graphic/brand and web address to be used in the commercial.

The best sound-bites are basically your “30 second elevator speech”. Just fill in the blanks below: 

Hi, I’m _________________________________________________ (your name)

From ___________________________________________________ (name of business/org. etc.)

If you are/need______________________________________________ (describe ideal target customer)

We ____________________________________________________ (describe what you do, products/ services)

We ____________________________________________________ (what you do better than anyone else)

Then please contact me at __________________________________ (web, email, or phone number twice)

Your free print classified ad (30 words):

Printed in The Next Music Generation hard-copy print magazine to promote your business, project, cause, or organization:

30 word ad:

Contact website, URL, email, or phone number: