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Film Festival

About the film festival?

Are you ready to see the talent we have harvested? The live film festival will publicize the top winners of film making around the world and will be brought to limelight and played at Sundance, Cannes, etc. Festival winners could also receive direct exposure to film studios such as Warner Brothers. These individuals from all over the world are selected by shortlisting candidates who submit their films online to TNFG and viewers can have the right to vote and bringing the top contenders to light on these festivals.

Who we are? 

The Next Film Generation (TNFG), a division of The Next Music Generation (TNMG), will be a worldwide community and forum designed to seek out raw filmmaking talent residing in amateurs and various individuals buried in the massive online realm. TNFG will be an extension and addition of TNMG, which provides resources, consultation, and guidance for up and coming music artists.

How do get involved? 

If you have a film making talent in your bones then just visit our website (www.thenextmusicgeneration.com) and submit your video online. Visitors on our website can vote for the best video and based on votes we will choose the winners. TNFG will give young film makers, animators, video game designers, etc. exposure and a chance to take them to another level through various film festivals.

Is there a price? 

When you will be submitting the video, animations etc. there will be a minor submission fee. For a submission entry fee of less than $20, anyone can have their shot at getting to Sundance or Cannes, and subsequently, Hollywood notoriety. That is an incredible opportunity that will attract countless filmmakers of all types and categories.

How can I submit my film? 

We are looking for serious talent, hidden away in various parts of the world that would otherwise go unfound and wasted. By hosting virtual festivals and creating an online portal for worldwide submissions, TNFG opens the opportunity for truly talented filmmakers to shine and rightfully earn their place in the entertainment industry. You can visit our website and click on submit video button to get started. Therefore, the idea behind TNFG is to harvest from this untapped pool of budding and aspiring filmmakers (e.g. passionate film students, filmmaking hobbyists, etc.)


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