Submitting your self tape audition entry is easy.
When you are done recording your self tape audition entry video, kindly send it to

And if you have any inquiries, comments, and/or complaints about the submission, kindly contact us at

Is there a deadline for Submitting in a Self Taped Audition?

For now, there is no deadline for the submission of your self tape audition. This means that you can start sending in your entries from now till when the management decides to put a deadline on the entry submission.

But before the deadline is announced, every artist should start sending in their entry videos right now.

If you have an entry video already, fine-tune it and forward it to the above-listed email address immediately.

And if you are yet to create your self tape audition entry video, you can get into your remote studio right now and get on it right about now!
Purchase for the Band Self Tape Auditions is $25.00 per Submission. 

To complete and validate your registration for the Next Music Generation Band audition, each artist is required to make a payment purchase of $25.00 per submission.  Click here 

The payment purchase validates your entry into the Next Music Generation Band self tape audition.

The payment processes will be outlined and communicated on the website shortly.