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Are you a passionate lover of creating good and melodious music? Do you have that golden andunique voice that would give the Nightingale a run for its money? Do you have the passion andtalent to create amazing music that would thrill audiences around the world? Are you an instrumentalist; a guitarist, a pianist, a violinist, or a keyboardist who can produce melodious sounds with musical instruments? Are you a budding musical artist who is tired of creating amazing musical content in the shower or in front of just friends and family only, and wants the whole world to experience and enjoy

The musical talent and gift that you have? Do you have an in-depth knowledge of what music creation is? Ultimately, do you want to be a MUSICAL STAR? Do you want your talent to be experienced indifferent continents across the globe? Are you ready to be well-known and famous? Then you are the ONE that The Next Music Generation entertainment brand is looking for!!!

What is the Next Music Generation?

The Next Music Generation (TNMG) is an entertainment brand that is not just all about entertainment, but we are all about helping talented and up and coming artists unravel, explore, build, and project their talents to the world.The Next Music Generation (TNMG) is that platform that gives an equal and unique opportunity to musical artists all over the world, irrespective of where you are resident, to do what they love to do best (making good music), become a part of a thriving musical community, and get toshowcase their talents to audiences in different geographical locations in the world.

More so, working with The Next Music Generation (TNMG) entertainment brand allowsmusical artists to work with professional DJ’s, music supervisors, beats producers, and othermusical giants who would lend their knowledge and craft to the growth and success of theartists in the Next Music Generation Band.Needless to say that the Next Music Generation (TNMG) entertainment brand is the place forany artist to realize their dreams of becoming popular and world-famous. And it doesn’t matter what genre of music you do or what instrument you are talented in, onceyou are dedicated to growing your craft and become successful at it, TNMG is home for you andyour craft! With the TNMG entertainment brand, there is no limit to how far and wide that an artist can go in the music industry if only they are ready to seize this golden opportunity!

Are you an up and coming musical artist who is ready to seize this opportunity? if you are, thenyou are Welcome to the Next Music Generation!!


As stated earlier, location is not a barrier to how you can be a part of what the Next Music Generation is offering young and budding musical talents. You can be a part of The Next Music Generation entertainment brand from any part of the world. Distance is not a barrier, as we have broken the barriers of distance by making it possible for you as an artist to be a part of what we do from the comfort of your home.

Once you are ready to join this unique and trail-blazing team, you need not worry yourself onhow to bridge the geographical gaps, we are right here to help you through every stage regardless of where you are in the world.


Taking a cue from what the Famous French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “The time for action is now…” Now is the best time for you to join the moving train of the Next Music Generation (TNMG), and begin your journey to stardom!This is not the time to start doubting and second-guessing your talent, this is the time to take that one step to actualize your career dreams!!


How do I get Involved?

The Next Music Generation entertainment brand is looking for talented singers, songwriters, guitarists, violists, pianists, keyboardists, drummers, bass players, etc., from all over the world to make up its Musical Band.

All you need to be a part of this Next Music Generation Band is to enter into the Next Music Generation Band virtual audition. And what this entails is for you to create a self-tape audition entry video wherever you are, doing what you know how to do best; be it singing or playing the instrument.

Just like you would audition in front of the judges in a physical room filled with people, envision your self-tape audition just like that.

So, put in your best, get into your musical character, set up the necessary equipment you need (your camera, microphone, lightning effects, tripod, etc,.), and record yourself either singing or playing the instrument.

When you are done with your recording, fine-tune it, and send it across to us at the Next Music Generation, and you become a participant in the Next Music Generation Band audition immediately!

Who Selects the Band? Just like every musical/talent audition, this audition for the Next Music Generation Band is rated and judged by a committee team and a group of unbiased audience. This committee team is made of professional music giants; musical gurus who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the world of music.

The group of audience is made of music lovers who have been selected randomly from different countries and continents across the globe.

The audience goes through the entries and selects their choice entries, and the final selection decision of who makes the Next Music Generation band is made by the committee team. So, to make sure that your entry gets selected by the audience, you need to make sure that your self tape audition entry video represents you very well!

Remember that the audience can’t see you in person, what they would see is you auditioning from a device, and they can easily toss your entry away in the few minutes of watching. Hence, you have to make your self tape audition entry video worth viewing from the beginning till the very end when you sing or play the very last note!

 Where will the Next Music Generation Band Perform?

 After the final selection, the successful artists who make the cut for The Next Music Generation Band are contacted and they begin their journey into perfecting their craft and projecting themselves by performing for the world.

Unlike other musical bands, there is no limit to where the Next Music Generation Band can perform their music, as they have been scheduled to perform in different events such as boatcruises, parties, concerts, musical shows, and other entertainment events all around the globe.

These musical trips are all-expenses paid trips, as transportation of artists, hotel accommodations, feeding, and other expenses incurred by the artists are sorted by the management of the Next Music Generation entertainment brand.

Besides, these performing artists will get paid based on their performances and number of gigs attended, so the more gigs and performances an artist participates in, the more his/her earnings.

How do i Submit

Submitting your self tape audition entry is easy. When you are done recording your self tape audition entry video, kindly send it And if you have any inquiries, comments, and/or complaints about the submission, kindly contact us at



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