A theatre is an aspect of performing art that makes use of live performers who are actors and actresses. Theatre aims to re-enact a real or fictional event in the presence of a live audience. Through the use of gestures, word of mouth, songs, music, or even dance, the performance communicates the event or experience to the entertainment of the audience. The place where such activity or “art” is being performed is known as the theatre. The theatre has served as an essential part of numerous lives today. The theatre has shown that you don’t necessarily have to be vocal to send a message or communicate with people. It gives people an avenue to showcase their creativity and talents. The theatre has had a great impact on the world today by bringing together people of diverse races, cultures, and backgrounds. It allows people to put aside their differences and come together as one. Another benefit of theatre in the world today is in the area of improved academic performance. The children who engage in performing arts increase their grades and knowledge in English and Maths subjects, respectively. When it comes to theatre, besides entertainment helps to improve other factors of the society.


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