Woman Empowerment

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The Next Music Generation aims to make this world a better place for women. For this, we have started this initiative called “women empowerment movement”, which has business influences from all over the globe coming together to bring a change for women.

The fact that women require an acknowledgment for the work they do and equal opportunities as men can certainly not be denied. While in some regions of the world, women aren’t getting their due respect, opportunities, and acknowledgments; however, there are plenty of regions awareness related to women empowerment need to be spread and more work needs to be done for this purpose. 


Renowned personalities from all professional business levels globally will be there at the podium to share their experiences and stories. These women belong to diverse cultural backgrounds; therefore, our audience will be able to identify with them, learn from their stories, and develop a deep understanding of the message we are aiming to convey.


At The Next Music Generation, we have the services of Rhonelle Bruder who is an advocate by profession. She is the founder of Rise Initiative, a researcher, and wellness educator. With her vast experiences, she beautifully performs the job of a speaker and promotes women empowerment awareness. Marva Williams, COO and Co-Founder of Lasalle MGMT Firm is another powerful and skillful speaker The Next Music Generation boasts of.

Previous Events

The Next Music Generation has conducted numerous events for spreading awareness about women empowerment. These events have proven to be successful in putting forth the message our speakers wanted to convey.

Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events we will be hosting this year:

·  The Next Music Generation San Diego in San Diego, CA on 6th April 2019

·  The Next Music Generation Youth in Toronto, Canada on 1st May 2019

·  The Next Music Generation International in Toronto, Canada on 6th May 2019

·  Woman Empowerment Movement Powered by The Next Music Generation in Atlanta, GA on 29th August 2019

·  Woman Empowerment Movement Powered by the Next Music Generation in Miami on October 2019

Join us at our Next Event

Buy tickets to these events and take a step forward to help women get their due rights. The more number of people will show support to women by participating in these events, the more it will help them to get empowered.


1. The Next Music Generation appointed me as a speaker in one of their events and I am glad I grabbed this opportunity to share my story. The event was amazingly managed and the response from the crowd was overwhelming. I am happy that I chose this platform to make a difference. (Samantha John) 

2. Women empowerment is a cause I have been quite enthusiastic about. So, when I got this opportunity to show my support for this cause by buying merchandise by The Next Music Generation, I grabbed it with my both hands. What’s even better is that the apparels are made from finest quality material and printing is top-notch. (Kelly Steve)

Get involved and purchase your merchandise today!

To show your support, you can also buy special merchandise. We have a range of apparels with a special message for women empowerment imprinted on them. 


Our events are sponsored by top organizations. It is with their support we are able to conduct successful events and spread awareness for this cause.